Other Local and Area Sheds

Melba Shed (AMSA100368) (also known as Melba Mens Shed) (Ed note. Have included us here for completeness) Contact President – Ken Kemp: 0490 036 877 or email kenwkemp@gmail.com or Secretary Rick Causebrook at the shed email or email causebrook@grapevine.net.au or Phone: 0412 622 839. The Shed meets every Friday from 9.30AM to 12.00PM. Refer here for details

Weston Creek Shed. It was originally at Cooleman Court in the hall of the Uniting Church (16 Parkinson St) and supported by the local Rotary Club. Their first meeting was Thurs 18th Sep 2013 where about 40 blokes attended. They diversified by moving to Eternity Church facilities in Sulwood Drive Kambah and setup up a proper shed with work facilities. President was John Burrowes. 16th June 2015 – The Chronicle – In this issue is an article on John Burrowes the current President of Weston Creek Men’s Shed, ex Melba Shed. Canberra Times reported 25th Aug 2016 Weston Ck Shed has its own shed on Sulwood Drive Kambah next to Eternity Church & it was robbed on 21st Aug. | The Weston Creek Men’s Shed relocated to Bangalay Crescent in Rivett as part of an ACT government initiative. President Graham Lacey was interviewed in the Canberra Times about their new premises and opening in Jan 2018. Current President is Allan Booth in 2021. 0414 525 778

Belconnen Community Men’s Shed (AMSA100626) 32 Dallachy St, Page ACT 2614. Contact: Mark Quilligan Tel 0405 351 043 Email: office@belconnenshed.com.au. Their new shed was setup and functional by Feb 2014. Fri 24th Jan 2014, Jim Couchman from Belconnen Community Shed attended Melba Shed & advised us that if we wanted to undertake woodwork, metal work or painting projects we were welcome to attend their Shed in Page. On the 27th Mar 2014 the Shed was opened by Alan Tongue, with Mary Porter and Yvette Berry attending. There was an enormous crowd of interested people also enjoying their BBQ and nibbles. Its an interesting story and they have been successful through much hard work & the generosity of the community & local businesses. Our own Laurie Power is also a member of this Shed. The Shed has been sponsored and supported by the Mosaic Baptist Church Opening Day Newsletter

Hawker Men’s Shed 45 Walhalow St, Hawker. Contact: Ben Kirk Tel 6278 3000. Think they are located at the Softball Centre

Majura Mens Shed (AMSA100346) at Dickson. (also includes Ngunnawal Mens Group. See the newspaper article of 14th July 2009). email. Contact Richard Lord 0402 242 460. email:rlord8@bigpond.com. The Shed is open every Mon and Thurs from 9.30AM to 12.30PM at Majura Community Centre. 2 Rosevear Place, Dickson. The Shed focusses on wood working plus has BBQ’s and social events. The Chronicle reported on 21 Oct 2014 that they were opening a $8000 upgrade to their shed on 28th Oct to better serve their 40 members.

Tuggeranong Mens Shed (TMS) (AMSA100407) Contact the Secretary on Phone:0450 681 073: email tuggeranongmensshed@gmail.com, Post: c/o PO Box 2066, Tuggeranong, ACT, 2901. They meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:00 to 1:00 ish for both social and workshop activities. Their address is Unit 1, 299 Soward Way, Greenway. It is at the Murrumbidgee end, past the oval and hockey fields. Come and visit sometime, if you haven’t already. 20th Jan 2016 – Tuggeranong Men’s Shed Split Over Allowing Women to Join

Veterans ShedOn 27 May 2016 we had a visit by two men from the Tuggers Men’s Shed, Jim Thornton & Neil Sperring. Neil provided information to make it clear that The Veterans Shed would include ALL serving & ex-serving Members of the Military Forces of Australia & her Allies, both male & female, regardless of whether they had ‘Active Service’. Whether to include Defence Contractors who served in war zones, Peacekeepers & Emergency Services Personnel (eg Police, Fire & Ambo present & past Members) is yet to be resolved. Questions or further ideas relating to the Veterans’ Shed concept please contact Neil on spring@emailme.com.au or 0411 155 731. Seems like they may be temporarily at the Tuggeranong Archery Club Workshop, 299 Soward Way, Greenway Peter Nelms on 0468 456 760 Email: scveteransshed@gmail.com

Giralang-Kaleen Mens Shed (AMSA100464) located with the Community Association Hall at 28 Georgina Cres, Kaleen in a new purpose built shed. Contact Chris Martin 6255 4010 or 0420 521 630 or email chrisgkms@gmail.com On 3nd Jul 2015 a few of our walkers stopped off at Kaleen and saw their new Shed which costs around $25K and is located behind the Community Centre. They have a total membership of some 30 and are open Tues & Thur mornings. Opening Day – Our President Laurie Power and Vice-president Bob Greeney attended the opening of the Giralang-Kaleen Shed on Tuesday 15 September. Bob reports that ‘all went well, and it is a very nice shed behind the Kaleen Community Centre. Nicely lined so it will be comfortable summer and winter’. Speeches were made by President John Murphy and the originator of the idea, Chris Martin.

Gungahlin Mens Group (AMSA100576) located in the Ngunnawal Neighbourhood Centre (at the Ngunnawal shops) Fri 9.30-12.00PM. Contact 6228 9200 or email

Lanyon Mens Group – The mens group meet each Thursday at the beautiful Lanyon Homestead. Contact Ph: – Postal: PO Box 1066, Tuggeranong ACT, 2901

Hall Mens Shed  Alastair Crombie visited Melba Shed on 11 Feb 2011 and indicated that Melba Shed and Hall Shed may work together with members being able to go to Hall and use some of their facilities such as woodworking in their garage/shed, with Hall members attending Shed talks, outings, walks etc. Hall Shed was set up in Aug 2010 by the Hall & District Progress Association with the support of the Rotary Club of Hall and the ACT Government. The Shed uses the old Headmasters 3BR cottage, shed and garage attached to the old Hall Primary school that closed down in 2006. Hall shed has some good facilities but has a small membership. Hall shed are concentrating on providing some repairs to an old school museum building at Hall as well as providing support and maintenance to exercise bikes at the Cranleigh School at Kippax . The Co-ordinator of Hall Shed is Mike Fitzpatrick email

Hughes Mens Shed. In the Canberra Times of 16th Jan 2019 it was advised that the ACT Government were funding a Hughes Men’s Shed facility, which would be located on the corner of Groom and Whittle Streets, in mid-2019

Peter Croker & Wayne Harris from the Anglican Christ Church in Hawker visited us on 28th Aug 2015  to see how we do things. They are considering setting up their own Mens Shed

Holt Mens’ Shed Terry Craig and Ron Mills, associated with Holt Anglican Church are considering how to establish a shed at Kippax or Holt. They visited us one Friday

Queanbeyan Mens Shed (AMSA100057) contact John Gunn, 6238 2682, jgunn@bigpond.net.au, David Steptoe 6297 9534 dsteptoe@westnet.com.au or Brian Lay 6297 9441. The shed was initiated and supported by Queanbeyan Council. They meet Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 5 Lorn St, Queanbeyan

Goodwin Ainslie Men’s Shed (AMSA100701) No details Email: tedalice1@bigpond.com

Goodwin Monash Men’s Shed (AMSA100702) No details Email: neredahandjim@gmail.com

Kangara Waters Mens Shed John Smit is the contact for the Kangara Waters Men’s Shed and has issued an invitation for Shed members to visit them. They operate each Thursday from 2pm to 5pm for coffee and a chat, and they have hands-on projects underway, currently making and installing acoustic panels for Kangara Waters. The best way to find them would be to park at Kangara Waters or John Knight Park and ask at the Birrigai Café or you could phone Don Stuart on 6251 4510. The address for Kangara Waters is 2 Joy Cummings Place, Belconnen, ACT 2617

Forrest Men’s Shed Located at 20 National Cct, Forrest. Setup by the Uniting Church, Forrest ACT. Contact: Keith Billingham 0450 960 821 email: keithbillingham@netspeed.com.au

Murrumbateman Mens Shed (AMSA100362) meets Thursday 1-4PM, and Sat mornings 9-12.00PM+. The Shed is part of the Murrumbateman Agricultural Bureau and Progress Association. Contact Terry Hunt on 6227 0262, Mob 0414 55 34 83, email. Terry, the President, has invited any members to drop in and say hello if you are passing through. They are open Thursday PM and Saturday morning. Their location is in the Murrumbateman Rec Grounds (just near the loo) so if you need an excuse to stop, there it is!

Yass Valley Men’s Shed | Facebook Page (AMSA100069) was established in April 2008 and had its official opening in September of that year. It is located at 1428 Yass Valley Way, North Yass in premises provided very generously by the Yass Valley Council. The Shed is open on Tuesdays (11am -2pm), Thursdays (2pm until 9pm – on cold or inclement Thursdays the Shed closes when we can take it no longer) and Saturdays noon until 4pm. All visitors will be made most welcome. You can contact the Yass Shed by phoning 0419 292 022 or by email (president@yassmensshed.org.au or secretary@yassmensshed.org.au). There website is www.yassmensshed.org.au

Lake George Mens Shed (AMSA100256) On 11th July this shed was initiated in a temporary shed at 84 Ellenden St, Bungendore. It is open Sat 10-2PM; contact is Mick Andrews 0417 212 261, 6238 0520 email

Braidwood Men’s Shed (AMSA100687) Contact: Kevin Lang 4842 2213 Email: kmlang@sctelco.net.au

Vietnam Veterans Federation (ACT Branch) has a premises at 3 Burkitt St, Page, ACT, 6255 1599. They perform similar functions to Mens Sheds and their facilities also include wood and metal working shops as well as many other functions.

Woodcraft Guild of the ACT has a premises at in Kambah next to the Tuggeranong Mens Shed. They provide training and access to wood working equipment

Other sheds are at Goulburn, Gunning, Cooma and Jindabyne

28th May 2019 – Bob Salmond and Harry Redfern represented Melba Shed at a meeting with ACT Government politicians from all sides of politics. The meeting organised by Gordon Ramsay, the Member for Ginninderra (and, inter alia, the Minister for Seniors and Veterans), included representatives from ACT and Regional Sheds (Group 16 in AMSA NSW). The meeting was very supportive of the Men’s Shed movement and the Legislative Assembly members want to do whatever they can to assist Sheds. 24th Jun 2019 – Bob Salmonds Report on Shed Groups Meeting with ACT Policians on 22nd May 2019

Visit to Yass Valley Mens Shed – 23rd Mar 2018

The following is taken with some amendments from our Newsletter #419 dated 6th April 2018

25 Melba Shed members travelled to Yass to meet with members of the Yass Valley Men’s Shed. On arrival in Yass some of our members visited the Banjo Patterson statue in the local Memorial park before arriving at the Shed.

On this Friday, which is not a normal Yass Valley Men’s Shed opening day, we were pleasantly surprised by the welcome we received – not only in its friendliness but also in the trouble our colleagues had gone to turn up in considerable numbers and turn on a fantastic morning tea (courtesy of course of their very own 3* Michelin cook!). Their Shed moto is ‘Minimum bureaucracy, maximum fun’ and they clearly practice what they preach.

After a short welcome by President Bob Nash and Secretary Wayne Stuart over morning tea, we were invited to chat with, and get to know, Shed members and to inspect the Shed and surrounds, including their own vegetable garden!

Towards the end of the visit we again assembled in the ‘coffee room’ for farewells. No doubt we will get together again before too long.

Yass Visit
Collage of Visit to Yass Shed. From Bev Lewis

After departing, President, Bob Nash took us on a tour of ‘The Lovat Chapel’, in Mehan St, Yass . This chapel was the original St Augustine Catholic Church built between 1840-44. It was replaced by a new building across the road in 1956. Recently a 1,200 pipes organ was donated and installed by Trevor Bunning of Canberra. The pipe organ was originally installed in the Wesley Church in Ashfield. It is planned to finish the organ commissioning in time for a recital in July 2018.

Adjacent to the Lovat chapel, the Church is refurbishing part of the old Convent as the Hartigan Centre of Yass and plans to have the ACT Academy of Music use 11 teaching rooms on their top level.

A great morning out and we owe special thanks to our friends at Yass Valley Men’s Shed and to Roger Amos for organising our visit.

More Photos

John Burrowes Visit to Tuggeranong Mens Shed Christmas Lunch 2011

“Last Tuesday, 20th December 2011, I was rather honoured to represent the Melba Shed at the Christmas Lunch put on by the Tuggeranong Men’s Shed (TMS), at the Sea Scout’s Hall, at Greenway, on the northern shore of Lake Tuggeranong. The TMS hold their ‘Social’ meetings at the Hall on Tuesday mornings, and their ‘Craft’ meetings at a Shed adjacent to the Woodcrafter’s Guild Hall at Kambah.

The lunch was attended by at least 25 men and most of them were accompanied by their ‘Ladies’. The majority of the men were wearing their Shed Shirts, which were also Royal Blue in colour with their logo on the left breast as well as a logo on their right sleeve ‘advertising Communities@Work’. I enquired about the cost of the shirts (out of curiosity) and was told that each member received one free (no doubt provided by the Government Agency whose logo appeared on their sleeve). (I also noted that TMS is ‘sponsored’ by Bunnings and The Lions Club).

During the morning, chatting with a number of their members, I learnt that their Shed Committee is much the same as ours, although the Vice President also fulfils the role of Shed Manager. I also found out that the Shed hopes to move to other premises down behind the Centre-Link Head Office building which is virtually on the southern side of the Tuggeranong Hyperdome. At that stage they will have all their facilities in the one place. That is due to happen early in 2012.

After the most enjoyable lunch, which had been provided by the Shed Members (or their Ladies) I asked the Shed Manager if I might be able to say a few words of Thanks.

During my short talk I outlined the activities of the Melba Shed, explaining that we were a ‘Social Shed’, which was a Joint Venture supported by the North Belconnen Uniting Church and the Ginninderra Rotary Club; that we invited Guest Speakers from various walks of life to talk to us; that we also participated in ‘excursions’ to various points of interest in the Canberra district; that we indulged in a ‘Sausage Sizzle’ once a month; and that we also Volunteered our services to local Community activities, including the YMCA Garage Sale at Yarralumla every two months, the Greenhill’s Centre for working-bees, and that some of our Members were also involved in the Meccano Kids Program. At the conclusion, I thanked the TMS for inviting a Melba Shed Representative to their Christmas lunch.

After the lunch I was speaking to one of the other ‘Visitors’ and he commented that he had been at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve when the Melba Shed visited there some weeks ago. It turns out that he had been one of the Guides who showed our Shedders around (his name is John Mills).” John Burrowes, Friday 23rd Dec 2011

Yass Valley Men’s Shed

John Burrowes (pic below), our “Poet in Residence‟ read us a great poem on the 25th March at Springbank Is about the Yass Shed‟s “Ferrari‟ which is pictured below. The poem, titled “Boys and their Toys‟ was written by a friend of John, Marje Holgate, wife of Yass Shed member Roger Holgate. We all had a few laughs over the poem which appears on the last page of the Newsletter No 76 25th March 2011.

According to Roger “The Yass Men’s Shed has a large area of ground behind the shed where we are developing a “garden area”. When we first commenced, one of our members left a ride-on mower with us, “on loan‟. With this mower we endeavoured to make our surrounds tidy, then as time went on the council had decided to try and turn the old adjoining BP Service Centre into a Community Centre, with the co-operation of the Men’s Shed as a project. This meant more mowing; but at this time, the owner of the “loan‟ mower decided that he was short on cash and sold his mower.

During negotiations with the council we mentioned the mower problem, and they offered us “The Ferrari” on a “permanent loan‟ basis, as it was unsuitable for most of their usage, and it is their land which we are keeping tidy. The Shed is now buying a normal Victa lawn mower (from the proceeds of a Christmas Raffle) for the fiddly areas and around the gardens etc

The photo of “The Ferrari” was taken at a recent visit by a local group of handicapped people. These people visit us with their carers about 4 times a year, when we have morning tea, followed by various activities like hammering nails, sawing off pieces of timber, painting cut-outs, and, of course, having their photos taken on the mower, which gives them great joy.”

Great to hear some news from nearby Sheds, especially when it is so interestingly presented.

The Yass Ferrari with Marje Holgate
John Burrows reading Poem: Boys & their Toys

Boorowa Men’s Shed (Boorowa Men’s Den Inc.)

They meet every Wed and Thursday from 10AM at their specially built premises in Church Lane (off Queens St, beside the Catholic Church), Boorowa, NSW, 2586. Contact: David Evans, Phone: 02 6385 1109, Mobile: 04 3857 9783, email: galcent1@bigpond.com. They have a website under construction. Boorowa Shed was established with the help of the local Boorowa Shire Council. Their brochure. Boorowa Shed commenced around 2006, and now has about 20 regular members. They have been most successful in gaining a number of grants and donations which have enabled them to acquire an extensive array of woodworking equipment.

Boorowa (district population 2300) is nice sleepy small country town situated about an hours drive and set in fertile tablelands north west of of Canberra. Many know it as the first town you actually drive through on the way from Canberra to Cowra, Bathurst, or Orange. Boorowa News Online. Boorowa stages an annual spectacle known as the Running of the Sheep. Part of the annual Irish Woolfest, this event celebrates Boorowa’s colourful Irish heritage and its rich pastoral history. Boorowa has some rich architectural features typical of country towns of the past. You cannot go past looking at the the beautiful stained glass windows at Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church, near the Shed. Brief history of Boorowa.

Until late 2011 our Secretary (2009-2011) had a property at Boorowa and was a driving force in establishing Melba Shed. A lot of our original concepts and documents derived from work done by the Boorowa guys. Boorowa Den was an original member of the IMSA, now effectively a cluster within the NSW Branch of AMSA. In fact IMSA was really the first grouping of Sheds as such. Melba Shed has also attended a meeting of IMSA to see what they were about and trying to achieve. As a result we became a member of AMSA.

Visit to Boorowa Mens Den 4 Sep 2009. On Friday 4th Sep Melba Shed members visited the Boorowa Men’s Den. We were welcomed by members of the Den and treated to a great morning tea followed by a walking tour through a number of interesting old Boorowa buildings, including magnificent St Patrick’s Catholic Church and the Court House.

After lunch, we were treated to a bus trip to two properties, the Merrignee Merino and Poll Stud owned by Charlie Merriman and a property owned by the son of John McGrath, our Men’s Den host for the day. Charlie of Merrignee Merino and Poll Stud explained the different grades of merino wool. On John’s son’s property we saw and had explained to us the various pieces of large farming equipment and visited the shearing shed with its several stands of operational equipment. It was interesting hearing from the locals all about the hardships of farming during their difficult time of drought and financial hardship. Pictures courtesy of Mike Munk can be viewed by visiting the Google Album. Newsletter 001 – Melba Shed Newsletter.pdf provides more details.

Visit by Boorowa Den 19 Feb 2010. This was a special day with Boorowa Den members (16) renting a small bus to visit Melba Shed. It started with visit to Rob Wooleys premises where we were treated to morning tea and a fine display and presentation by Rob of his veteran cars and motorcycles, followed by luncheon BBQ at the shed, and finished with a visit to War Memorial Annex at Mitchell (around 25 members attended at various stages). Pictures can be viewed on the Google Album. Newsletter 022 – Melba Shed Newsletter.pdf provides more details.


Boorowa Den

Temora Men’s Shed

The Temora Men’s Shed has come forward in leaps and bounds since it started five years ago. It’s helped lots of local men deal with problems which are too often ignored. Keith Sinderberry reports “I was talking to-day with a friend of mine who is a member of the Temora Shed. He told me they have an attendance of 30 or more, depending which day you are talking about. They are open on three days each week, with some groups meeting for specific purposes on certain days. As one project they have recently undertaken, they have obtained a Model T Ford to restore. They have a number of other projects on their books, which indicate a spread of interest‟. The Shed now has more than 70 members.


Temora Shed

Orbost Men’s Shed

The Shed undertook a trip to Orbost Mens Shed in 2010 at the invitation of its President Tom Davis. Pictures (all 475 of them) of the trip can be seen here. The Trip Report can be read here

The Orbost Shed is sponsored by Orbost Regional Health and the Rotary Club of Orbost and has been operating since 1999. They have just moved into their new premises at Tyndall Street. They are a large group meeting several times per week. The Shed has a great community focus and provides a wonderful opportunity for men in the Orbost area to get together, enjoy each other‟s company, use their woodworking skills to benefit the community and generally get on with life. The guys at Orbost have a great shed and great facilities, equipment and tools.

Orbost Regional Health provides acute, emergency, medical, surgical and obstetric services, and is a leader in the provision of small town rural birthing services in Victoria. All Orbost based doctors are located within the complex. ORH provides much of the funding for the Orbost Mens‟ Shed and is a great supporter of the Shed.

Tom Davis of Orbost Shed 2010
Shed Visit to Orbost Shed Snowy River Mail

Orbost Men’s Shed Devastated by Fire

Orbost Shed Update – Geoff dropped into Orbost last week (Nov 2012) and reports that their new Shed is completed and they are up and running again after the disastrous fire of Jan 2012

Members of the Orbost Men’s Shed (our Shed visited them in November 2010) are devastated that a fire tore through their building on Sunday night 8 January 2012 causing an estimated $100,000 worth of damage and destroying all of the men’s woodwork projects. Our Shed received an email about the fire from our friend, Tom Davis who wrote:

” While we were officially on vacation we had a fire in our shed last Sunday. About $100,000.00 worth of damage has been done. The fire started in a router which was used that Sunday and not switched off. It started in that machine and spread along the electricity cabling burning out our electrical distribution system and setting fire to a canite false roof. That burned with great intensity toasting everything on top of benches in the routing room and the computer room. The computers melted, and are but blobs of plastic and a metal frame that still stands. The computer gear under the benches survived unscathed – we hope. A lot of work in progress made by the shedders was incinerated. Some computers and tools on loan to the shed were melted and destroyed. Orbost Regional Health has claimed ownership of such gear so that one claim can be submitted.

Because the fire in the false roof burned with such intensity, there is a reasonable doubt if the steel roof will have to be written off because it has probably lost its rust proof glaze. Structural Engineers have been engaged by OREH to advise. The Shed is not opening for business this coming week. Instead plans are under way to visit neighbouring sheds to keep the team together and help console those who lost some treasured possessions.

We recently obtained some gear as an outcome of a successful Volunteers Grant. Those computers and the NAS Drive were taken home over the holidays and were saved. The Reverse cycle air conditioning lost its electrical connections. Some other gear was not delivered and thus not lost. We are setting up an equipment data base to write off what s lost and repair what is repairable, and have a listing of what survived it all. Immediate plans are to get a generator into the dining room kitchen, which is a separate area from the main shed, and get that up and running ASAP. We are meeting weekly at ORH’s Board Room for lunch and a report back process each Wednesday until such time as the dining room/kitchen can be gotten up to speed.

ORH are planning to bring in industrial cleaners to clean up the mess with heavy equipment. We have had offers from other sheds to come and help but fortunately ORH has decided to fund the recovery and use the opportunity for shed redesign to create more effective room. All the best for 2012 to your shedder team. Tom Davis for the Orbost Men’s Shed team ( tda27022@bigpond.net.au)”

A Surprise Visit from Tom Davis – 11 May 2012

Pictures: Ton Davis 2012-05-11 at Melba, and in Nov 2010 at Orbost

It was a welcome surprise to members to have Tom Davis from the Orbost Mens Shed drop into our meeting on this Friday morning. A number of our members will remember Tom from our very successful and happy trip to Orbost in2010. Tom kindly addressed the meeting during the program and outlined the latest developments at his Shed. In January this year fire caused damage to the Orbost Shed at a cost of somewhere between $100K–250K, destroying equipment, a good deal of work in progress by the shed members, and some computers. The steel roof will need replacement as a result of the fire after structural assessment. Plans are in place and tenders being prepared to replace this steel.

Orbost Shed before the fire (from our Shed visit in 2010) Shed members are busy visiting neighbouring sheds and keep general morale up as they look to replacing some treasured possessions. Santos has generously contributed money towards building a new shed out the back, and members are making very good efforts in raising their own funds by conducting raffles in conjunction with other support.

The shed has met weekly at Orbost Regional Health’s Board Room for lunch and a report back process (ORH are a major supporter of the Shed) as the dining room/kitchen has been redeveloped. The shed now faces the challenges of establishing a new work area and obtaining new equipment and ensuring its correct layout and maintenance, with all the new associated EH&WS issues and rules arising from that.


We wish our fellow Orbost Shed friends every success in their endeavours in re-establishing their Shed to its full potential again, and look forward to hearing positive updates in the coming months.

Tom Davis of Orbost Shed 2012 May 11

Cowra Men’s Shed

Sunday 10 July 2011 saw the official opening of the Cowra Men’s Shed witnessed by a very large crowd. The dedicated Men’s Shed committee has been working for some time to renovate the old scout hall opposite the TAFE College in Carlton St into a workable facility which will be open each Tuesday and Wednesday between 9am and 4pm.

Doug Beer, President of the Men’s Shed Committee, gave a brief history of the development of the shed from a building on the verge of demolition into a facility to be proud of. He thanked those who helped the men perform what he described as a miracle.

They’ve been tinkering, socialising and generally enjoying the company of each other at Cowra’s Men’s Shed for five years. Despite the progress made to date the men of the shed aren’t resting on their laurels. The Shed project still isn’t complete and the men are seeking financial assistance to help them complete their final building stage. “We need some $17,000 to finish the building and although we will continue our fund raising it will take many months to raise the funds,” Men’s Shed Secretary Treasurer Mr Bill Bundy said. The Cowra Men’s Shed has “gift tax recipient” status which means all donations are tax deductible.

“We hope local businesses might find some way to assist the Cowra Men’s Shed,” Mr Bundy said. We commenced with a building ready for demolition. Our first challenge was to convert the building into a safe and viable unit. The next stage was to add an extension suitable for welding, metalwork, etc with the main shell of this extension supplied by a member at no cost. The men of the shed are now planning to construct a building suitable for passive recreation where members can enjoy each other’s company, play cards, other board games and indoor bowls. We presently have a full equipped woodwork section, a metalwork workshop with limited plant and equipment – welders, lathe, pedestal drills and other ancillary items.

The refurbishing of the buildings, installation of plant and equipment has been financed from various sources including government grants, Cowra community organisations, local government and service clubs but the majority of funds has been self generated by producing items for sale.

Funds have also come from making shelving, manicure tables, tissue boxes for Cowra Special Needs, Bilyara, Weeroona, Cowra Art Group, Cowra Hospital etc and receiving donations from those organisations,” Mr Bundy said.

Refer Cowra Community News


Bundanoon Men’s Shed

Sat 5 May 2012 sees the official opening of the Bundanoon Men’s Shed (BMS). This is to be opened by their State MP The Hon Pru Goward, MP, Member for Goulburn, Minister for Family and Community Services & Minister for Women

Evan Smith, President of the Men’s Shed Committee, was recently on a walk that several local members do annually. Greg Hutchison, one of Melba Shed members was also on that walk from Kiandra to Tharwa. It was interesting to hear how Evan had been a gastroenterologist physician in Newcastle had retired to Bundanoon. Evan is also a very strong walker who had earlier in 2012 attempted Federation Peak with others.

BMS’s new shed has been initiated in Bundanoon with the assistance of Anglicare. Several grants have been obtained from sources including Wingecarribee Shire Council and the NSW Government to assist in the remediation of buildings on a piece of land adjacent to the Rural Fire Service headquarters in Burgess St. Other avenues of funding and/or sponsorship have been explored including community work such as support for Brigadoon.

Their shed includes a general-purpose basic workshop, with a comfortable social area attached to act as a drop-in centre, which will be open as often as resources allow. It will cater not only to Bundanoon men but also to those from villages in the general vicinity. While the group has completed several  projects for community benefit, it does not compete with local tradespeople.

I understand they also are receiving additional NSW Government money which will be used to lay another slab to enhance their building. The Shed is different to ours as they have an annual subscription and are not incorporated. However they are similar in many respects. They are supported by a large Community Organisation, ie. Anglicare, they don’t own their lands, ie, its Wingecarribee Shire Council owned land, they are unsure of the status of ownership of their facility as they believe the lease indicates on expiring all assets return to the council. However these are probably the same issues that face mots sheds.

On Tuesday, February 6 2012, the men of the Bundanoon Men’s Shed (BMS) had their first meeting in their new shed. Through the help of Anglicare, a site in Burgess Street was negotiated with council. The need for a men’s shed in Bundanoon led to the formation of an informal steering group headed by Hans Radowitz which first met in a local eatery in 2008. The BMS has been meeting in the Bundanoon memorial hall once a month since 2009 and about 25 men attended each meeting. They worked on community projects and also held barbecues and went on bus trips to help the men form bonds by sharing stories.

Dorset Community Men’s Shed, Scottsdale, Tas

20 Apr 2012 – Ken Harris from Scottsdale mens Shed in Tasmania visited Melba Shed and gave us an inspiring overview of how their shed has developed over the last 10 years and saved several members from possible suicide

The Shed was set up in Oct 2002 in rental premises in Hedley St and in 2006 they received Council approval to lease an old Scout Hall at 2 Christopher Street, Scottsdale

They pay $15 per week rent to the Council. Have ~ 40 members, with 1-12 regular and are open three days per week Monday, Wednesday and Friday  9.00am to 3.30pm

Have their 10th anniversary in Oct 2012. They pay a coordinator about $2,000 per month to be there and manage the facilities

They build items for the community and have community markets at their shed to raise funds

Tim Mathieson, “the First Bloke”, patron of the Australian Men’s Shed movement and partner of Prime Minister Julia Gillard, stopped by at the Triabunna facility during his reconnaissance mission around the state. Mr Mathieson’s visit also took in sheds at Scottsdale, St Helens, Sorell and Bridgewater. He said: …”Every shed we visit is different and that is something we want to encourage.” Joining Mr Mathieson on the week-long fact-finding mission was Tasmanian Men’s Shed coordinator John Waters and national chief officer David Helmers. Mr Helmers said that the visits, along with a strong attendance at a men’s health forum at Scottsdale, demonstrated a great need for men’s sheds in the community.

Bruny Island Men’s Shed, Alonnah, Bruny Island, Tas

In Nov 2014 Greg Hutchison visited Bruny island after walking the Overland Trail with his daughter and friends. This was really about visiting the graves of his Great Grandparents and understanding where they lived and were his grandmother was born along with 16 other siblings. He found a lovely Island and with Adventure Bay being such a nice and tranquil village that he understood the attractions it must have had for his ancestors way back in the 1870’s Whilst on Bruny he saw a note about the Bruny Island Mens Shed in the local monthly “Bruny News” magazine. On one occasion he was driving past the Shed’s location and saw a bunch of cars parked outside, so he stopped and went inside. The Shed members, 6 men and one lady were holding one of their committee meetings being chaired by the Secretary, David Boyer. Terry Butcher is the new President elected at their most recent AGM on 24th Sep. They have a total roster of about 20 members and are working hard to raise up to $15,000 to enable the laying of a slab for their planned new Shed nearby at the Kingborough council owned Alonnah community centre, school and sports field. The Shed is supported by BICA: Bruny Island Community Association | Brochure on the Shed | Tourist Info on Bruny Island