Contacts and Shed Location (with Background to the Shed below)

 The following list outlines some of the important sections of this page


        Melba Shed Email Address is “”

For information contact President – Ken Kemp: Mobile: 0490 036 877 or email or Secretary Rick Causebrook at the shed email or email or Phone: 0412 622 839

Mail Address: Melba Shed Incorporated, c/- North Belconnen Uniting Church, PO Box 6794, Charnwood ACT 2615

Melba Shed Google Photos (this is where we store albums of pictures about trips, activities such walks, cycling, golf, etc) but can not give a link to all our albums, only to each album. Links to most albums are on the Activities held pages or Walks held pages

Melba Shed 2021-2022 Committee

PositionNamePhone/Mobile NumbersEmail
PresidentKen Kemp   0490 036 877
Vice PresidentBob Greeney  6258 4152 / 0407 737 131
SecretaryRick Causebrook  0412 622 839
TreasurerPaul Taylor  0412 431 797
MemberRay Osmotherly  6258 8399
MemberLuke Wensing  0416 249 002
MemberGeoff Grimmett  0432 531
MemberBob Salmond  0414 977
Melba Shed Committee
Melba Shed Committee 2021-22


Newsletter Editor – Paul McCarthy  – Mob: 0435 008 442  Email: (also Website Cycle pages)
Newsletter Editor – Bob Mann – Mob: 0428 451 171 Email:
Website Manager – Greg Hutchison – Mob: 0447 292 699 Email:
Cycle Co-ordinator – Paul McCarthy  – Mob: 0435 008 442  Email:
Stand-in Cycle Leader – Phil Hore – Phone: 6254 8272 Mob: 0424 254 562 Email:
Walks Co-ordinator – Greg Hutchison – Mob: 0447 292 699 Email:
Assist Walks Co-ordinator – Drew McDonald – Mob: 0467 615 760 Email:
Golf Co-ordinator – Ron Thomson – Mob: 0478 167 716 Phone: 6258 4699 Email:
Coffee & Chat Co-ordinator – Brian Harber – Mob: 0480 177 251 Email:
Meccano Co-ordinator – Bob Greeney –  Mob: 0407 737 131 Phone: 6258 4152 Email:

Map of the Shed Location and Meeting Times

Melba Shed meets each Friday from 9.30AM to around 12.00PM in the Community Centre next to the North Belconnen Uniting Church (NBUC), Conley Drive, Melba (opposite Melba Copland High School). To get to the Shed – just follow the purple line from Verbruggen St, Melba, ACT, 2615. The formal meetings usually start around 10AM and go until 12noon. Click on the map to enlarge.


Aerial View of the Shed Location

A view you can see in Google Earth.

Click on this thumbnail to see the full view


Location of Melba Shed
Melba Shed from Google Earth
View Around Melba Shed

Getting to the Shed by Bus

Since the new ‘improved’ 2019 timetable, take Transport Canberra (Was ACTION) buses 41 or 42 along Kingsford Smith Drive alighting at the stop near Companion Cres (you then have to cross Kingsford Smith Drive), or 41 along both Kingsford Smith Drive & Verbruggen St alighting at the stop along Verbruggen St near its junction with Conley Dr opposite Melba High School.

If needed transport can be arranged.

Note: If there is an excursion on a particular Friday there may be no one at the Shed. However we now often open the Shed on such occasions for those who wish to just socialise rather than go on a trip and its been popular, so it is likely there will be some people there. Check the Program for what is planned. Click on the location map image for a larger map

Background to Melba Shed and What We Do

About Melba Shed

Melba Shed is a joint initiative of the Rotary Club of Ginninderra and the North Belconnen Uniting Church. It serves as a relaxed social outlet for men of all ages who are not in the workforce. It has about 40-60 regular attendees and a further group of over 100 supporters receiving the weekly newsletter.

Weekly meetings comprise an informal chat over coffee with a guest speaker, BBQ or excursion to a local attraction. Special Interest Groups include cycling, walking, Friday luncheon, and Tuesday coffee and chat.  These groups meet regularly and community based volunteer work is also undertaken and outreach support provided.

Shed membership is predominately drawn from the Belconnen community, with some Gungahlin attendees. Melba Shed is a member of AMSA (Australian Men’s Shed Association). AMSA recognises a Men’s Shed as any community-based, non-profit, non-commercial organisation that is accessible to all men and whose primary activity is the provision of a safe, friendly and healing environment where men are able to work on meaningful projects at their own pace in their own time in the company of other men.

A major objective is to advance the well-being and health of members and to encourage social inclusion. AMSA prioritises the wellbeing of all men valuing the role that Men’s Sheds play in the prevention of social isolation by providing a safe, friendly and welcoming place for men to work on meaningful projects and to contribute to the wider community.

The Shed has been operational since Aug 2008. There is a nominal cost of a gold coin donation which helps covers the cost of coffee, tea, biscuits and cake. We have now introduced an annual contribution charge of $20 per member to help pay for the annual AMSA insurance costs. Everyone is welcome to attend the Melba Shed so please feel free to invite any friends who you think would enjoy the experience. If you are new then just turn up. However please check the Program first.

What is the Shed?

The shed is based on the “Mens Shedconcept that developed throughout Australia. If you are interested in other local Sheds view here

If you are really interested in the background to our shed, its policies, reports, its members, then we have more information on our Shed Management Page or subsequent pages which you can see from the Menu above under Contacts & Info.

The Shed caters typically for older men no longer in the workforce meeting regularly to socialise, listen to a range of speakers and undertake various excursions. However this does not preclude younger persons nor ladies from attending. Some community support activities and projects may occur from time to time. The shed has also evolved a program of guest speakers, outings and excursions rather than being ‘hands-on’ like many other traditional men’s sheds. Unlike most men’s sheds, Melba Shed does not have a workshop, or programs that would require us to build a special shed. Rather, we focus more on activities such as excursions, discussion forums etc.

The shed welcomes new members – if you know of someone who might enjoy our company at Shed activities then please invite him along. The shed provides a friendly meeting place where participants can pass on skills, engage in hobby activities or simply enjoy one another’s company over a cup or two of coffee or tea.


OK so what is it that we actually do?

Melba Shed Entry from car park
Lunch on Mt Coree April 2009

We have a meeting every week (except Christmas or Easter) mostly on Friday mornings. At these meetings we usually have a guest speaker, however we also have coffee/tea, biscuits/cake, plus we talk to each other, and hear from various members about what they are doing. We seem to have developed a group of poets or humourists who often astound us with their witty repartee and jokes. You can see some of their work on Song, Poems and Jokes page

We mix up the meetings, with usually a monthly excursion or trip to a place of interest and also a monthly BBQ/Sausage sizzle or similar. After the Friday meetings some members go to lunch at the McKellar Soccer Club, and all are welcome to join them

You can view our program on the Current Program page

Viewing a Vintage Renault

 OK that’s not all!

We have regular charity type activities where members can volunteer to help groups such as in the past Greenhills conference centre at the Cotter, Rotary with Voices in the Forest parking and other groups as required such as helping Karinya move into their new premises in mid 2016.

We have had some members, such as Steve making parrot nesting boxes and supplying members as required. Steve has branched into making special parrot boxes with advice from the Woodcraft Guild. These boxes are made from waste hardwood planks mostly fence palings so that they seem as natural as possible which the parrots apparently like. So far Steve has made around 15 of his new Mark 4 models. He is now looking at new models after seeing more options in North QLD in 2016. However more lately he seems more into moving house than making bird boxes.

Several Shed members also visited John Gleeson (now passed away) to review and see his Rosella bird boxes.  Photos with box designs

We have also developed some special activity groups or special interest groups (SIGs) Refer

So that’s an overview. Hope you enjoy our site. Don’t forget if you want to get onto our email distribution and the Newsletters that are also emailed, simply send a request to email address on the top bar. Also all our Newsletters are available through a link at the top

Presenting Facilities for Members and for Those Who May Come and Talk to Us

We have a large room that can accommodate up to 75 listeners.

We have a large wall screen and ceiling mounted Casio digital display unit that is HDMI connected to our laptop or any similar device. Our laptop is a  Windows 10 unit with a DVD drive plus USB ports for any thumb drives. We also have a wireless pointing device that can remotely control slides in Powerpoint or some picture viewing programs. We also have a G4 Mobile wi-fi hotpoint with which we can connect to the internet if required. Note that the overhead projector shows pictures & Powerpoint slides in 4:3 format

We also have a loudspeaking facility with microphone stand or a clip-on microphone can be provided.

Member Experiences at Melba Shed and Elsewhere

In 2013 Barry Howe was reading a book by Hugh Mackay’s titled ‘The Good Life”. Some of what he read inspired him to write about Melba Shed.   This was Barry Howe’s offering in 2013

Ray Nelson’s Great Great Grandfather was the Policeman at Collector Shot Dead by the Ben Hall Gang Ray recounts some stories about his Great Grandfather.