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Most maps and files below are stored on Google Drive. Double click on the link to open the file. For maps you can view online, scroll in, print, or download if so desired. The download icon is the Down Arrow in the top bar in the middle with a line underneath it. The gpx file if there, downloads easily but you need a gpx compatible viewer to use it. Try the GE (Google Earth) option if you just wish to see the route and it should open on line & you can zoom in & scroll around as required. If you download the gpx file as there is no GE file, you can use the free software GPSBabel to convert the gpx file to Google Earth kml format & then view the file in GE

Standard Ride around Lake Ginninderra (2015)

This map show route from LeGallienne St & Melba Paying Fields around Lake Ginninderra to Black Pepper and Birrigai as well as return around lake and down Ginninderra Ck past McKellar & Evatt. Actual distance from Melba Playing Fields to Birrigai return is 15.7Km. From LeGallienne St, Melba return is 18.4Km, according to GPS details

For the following maps the dark magenta line indicates the trip to the coffee place and the dark blue line the trip back to Melba Playing Fields

Standard Cycle around Lake Ginninderra Melba Playing Fields to Birrigai/Black Pepper  |  UBD version  |  gpx file

Standard Default Leaderless Long Ride – Black Pepper, Kaleen, Palmerston, Crace, Melba (2015)

This is about 25kms from Birrigai to Melba Playing Fields, but riders can leave from the Mackellar Soccer club onwards so some will do less than that, although a few  will do several kms more. This is designed to allow riders to enjoy a short to medium long ride without needing a leader present. Start from Birrigai, then ride alongside Ginninderra Drive to Kaleen, along the bike path next to the creek in Kaleen & Giralang, turn right on to the path along William Slim & Gundaroo Drives to an underpass in Nicholls that leads into Palmerston for a loop around Crace, followed by coffee at the Coffee Guru in Crace. Then return through North Crace to connect with the bike path along Gundaroo Drive, then William Slim Drive, to Melba Playing fields.

Short cuts can also be taken on the ride itself, e.g. by going straight to the Coffee Guru when first entering Crace rather than doing the loop on the bike path around Crace. Also we could ride up along William Slim rather than looping through Kaleen & Giralang.

Map Default Leaderless Long Ride Crace Overview  |  Map Default Leaderless Long Ride Crace Detailed  |  gpx file

Long Route – Ngunnawal Ridge – via Kaleen & Giralang to Ngunnawal to Crace (2015)

Cycle from Lake Ginnindera through Kaleen & Giralang to Gungahlin.  Then along Gundaroo Drive and left and over the dam and around the western side of Gungahlin Pond and then along the bike path that runs through the western side of Ngunnawal, returning along the ridge that runs through the middle of Ngunnawal.  You can then turn into Crace to visit the Cafe Guru for coffee. Distance from Birrigai to Melba Playing Fields 26.8Km

Route via Kaleen to Ngunnawal Ridge Overview map    |    Ngunnawal Ridge Section Detailed map   |  gpx file

Longer Route – via Giralang & Kaleen (before coffee)

Route via Kaleen Map | GE file  | gpx file

Several years ago it was decided to try a longer ride before taking coffee that would enable us the then also visit Ha Ha or Black Pepper for coffee rather than just Maccas for the early summer times. The map shows what it looks like and approx times to either Maccas, Ha Ha or Black Pepper coffee spots. The map is essentially start time independent and only shows elapsed time from starting at Melba or returning after coffee. Distance is 16 km Melba to Coffee. After coffee to Melba 7.6Km. The blue line shows the route to coffee & the red line shows the way home. Its essentially the same as the normal ride but with a diversion up along the path to Gungahlin, then right through Giralang & Kaleen & down the Ginninderra Drive path to the lake. The route through Giralang & Kaleen is nice and easy with a gentle climb up to Ginninderra Drive. Just past Kaleen shops you need to turn right onto Shannon Cct & at the first T intersection left onto Alberga St. After about 500m of on road cycling on safe back streets, opposite the cycle underpass under Ginninderra Dr and adjacent to 5 Alberga St, you rejoin the cycle path

Longer Routes – Gungahlin – Yerrabi Pond (optional extension through Forde to Mulligans Flat)

Map of Route to Gungahlin & Forde OverviewBelconnen section | Gungahlin sectionYerrabi Pond-Forde Detailed | GE File  | gpx file

Its also possible to cycle to Yerrabi Pond and then continue on through Forde along a nice path adjacent to ponds and an artificial creek, ending at a gate 250m south of the main electric fence gate at Mulligans Flat Nature Reserve. Time to coffee is the standard 30 mins and time to return about 105 mins taking the total distance right around Yerrabi Pond, that takes the ride through to the edge of Horse Park Drive between Forde and Amaroo. The return is around the pond and then back down Gundaroo Road and then Ginninderra Valley as per a normal ride. There is an optional shortcut across the top of the pond using a footbridge. Total distance is about 35Km, ignoring the shortcut. If one cycled through Forde to Mulligans Flat and back, its an extra 3.2Km.

The blue line shows the route to coffee and the red line shows the way home. The optional extra ride through Forde is in Dark Blue. The shortcut across the pond is coloured Magenta

Longer Routes – Gungahlin – Yerrabi Pond – Forde Loop with options (from ride 9th Feb 2012)

Route to Forde Overview | Yerrabi Pond-Forde Detailed | Google Earth GPS file | gpx file | Pictures | View of trip route on Google Maps

On Thurs 9th Feb 2012 we went to Ha Ha Bar for coffee as usual with 10 members. 5 of us then rode from Ha Ha Bar out and around Lake Ginninderra then up to Gungahlin’s Yerrabi Pond, then into Forde and around its border with Mulligans Flat, then down the path to the west and back to Yerrabi Pond and home. Total distance from Melba return was 43.0Km. The dark red line shows the route to coffee and the dark blue line shows the way Forde and home again. The optional rides through Forde are in varying shades of dark green, grey etc

Longer Routes – Gungahlin Pond

This starts as per the longer Yerrabi Pond ride above, but instead turns left just past the Lakes Club at the intersection of Gundaroo and Gungahlin Drives, then back via the west side of Gungahlin Pond. This is a nice ride with loverly views. Then back down Gundaroo Road cyclepath as per usual. Overall about 29Km from Melba. Note there is an Aboriginal procurement site on the west side just as you enter the bike path off Lexcen Ave & in Quist Place

Map route to Gungahlin Pond Overview | Map route to Gungahlin Pond Detailed | GE file | gpx file

Longer Routes – West Belconnen (BelWest) (through Charnwood, edge of Dunlop, Macgregor, Latham)

West Belconnen Route | gpx file

The route is through West Belconnen plus the normal trip around Lake Ginninderra. This is essentially a trip starting at Melba (on the cycle path near Copland Drive), then taking the cycle path out to Charnwood, continuing along the path down the south side of Dunlop, then through some grass/dirt extension around the northern end of Macgregor and then back along the cycle path along Ginninderra Ck through Macgregor and Latham and ending back at the start point.

There are the options of having coffee at Maccas at Charnwood, and also returning along Ginninderra Ck on the northern side of the southern side from the middle of Macgregor.

This trip can be done by itself or added onto the normal morning trip around Lake Ginninderra. Total actual distance assumed starting at Melba is 31.5km according to GPS map. If starting on the cycle path at Melba near Copland Drive and returning there the distance is only 13.5km.

Longer Routes – West Belconnen (BelWest) (through Latham, Charnwood, middle of Dunlop, Dunlop Ponds, Macgregor, Kippax

West Belconnen Dunlop Kippax Route | GE file | gpx file

This is based on long cycling rides of  25th Nov 2015 & 3rd Mar 2016

This trip starts at Black Pepper, with no cycling around Lake Ginninderra, but cycling along path next to Southern Cross Drive in Florey & then small paths & streets past St John & Francis Xavier schools, then under Kingsford Smith Dr, through Latham past the school, along a path down to Ginninderra Ck, then right along the path, left over a bridge & along a path to Ginninderra Dr, under that at Charnwood, left along path to the roundabout at Florey Drive, along path on Ginninderra Drive, then along a path under the powerlines & up some hills to the edge of Dunlop Grasslands NR, then down the road on western edge of Dunlop, using some paths to cycle to the end of Ginninderra Dr past old Fassifern Homestead, then over rough trail past Fassifern Pond, then back along Ginninderra Ck path, over a footbridge & along southern side until passing under Florey Drive and at top of a rise turning right to enter Kippax & partake coffee at Cafe Okrich (Sri Lankan for success). The final return leg is back under Southern Cross Dr, & along eastern side of Ginninderra Ck path until passing under Ginninderra Ck again & following path along creek back to Melba Oval.

Total distance starting at Black Pepper & finishing at Melba Oval is 22km. Its quite scenic but there are some bumps & rough parts

Longer Routes – Lake Burley Griffin – Glenloch-Bridge-Return (Option to return via ANU-O’Connor)

Peter H logged trips in early 2010 from Melba to Glenloch through Cook and around the lake via Scrivener Dam, and back via Glenlock which requires the long climb back to Cook. It totals about 41Km. Another trip which several of us also did went the same way to Commonwealth bridge, but returned via the ANU, O’Connor and the AIS down Ginninderra Drive and then the Creek to Copland Drive. Its longer at around 44-45Km but easier returning from Civic. In Oct 2014 we did a similar trip but along part of the Lake shore below Black Mtn and back through ANU, AIS

All routes are shown on the maps in dark blue lines. Break and coffee spots are Yarralumla Brasserie at the nursery, ANU (Purple Pickle now Coffee Grounds), O’Connor shops, Ha Ha and Black Pepper around Lake Ginninderra, Seasalt, Bruce.

Map route to Glenloch-Bridge-Return | GE GPS file | gpx file

Route to Glenloch-Bridge-ANU-OConnor-AIS-Ginn Dve | GE GPS file | gpx file

Map Route to Glenloch -ANU – AIS -Ginn Dve (based on 20141002) | GE GPS file | gpx file

Longer Routes – Lake Ginninderra east side, Kaleen – Lyneham, O’Connor

This is a combination of the standard ride to the morning coffee break on Lake Ginninderra, followed by cycling back around the east side of the Lake, up along the cycle path next to William Slim Drive, then east and south thought Giralang and Kaleen, turning east at Wakool Circuit, crossing Maribyrnong Drive, going down Ellenborough St into Lyneham, and either continuing along Mouat St, or turning into Cossington Smith Cres and then taking the overhead bridge across Ginninderra Drive and turning down Archibald St into Mouat. Then its across Brigalow St, along Mouat until we turn south along the main north south cycle path that runs just west of Sullivans Ck right down to Macarthur Ave, turning right, then right again in 75m onto the cycle path that leads up through O’Connor Ridge, under the GDE and through the AIS. There is then the option of turning left before the underpass and going back past Bruce CIT, Radford and the UC to lake Ginninderra or more likely north east through the AIS, under Ginninderra Drive, down the cycle path and along the Ginninderra Ck cycle pathway to Melba. This route is about 34Km

Route to Kaleen, Lyneham, OConnor, AIS | GE file | gpx file

Longer Routes – Lake Ginninderra east side, UC, O’Connor, Dickson, Lyneham, Kaleen

This is a combination of the standard ride to the morning coffee break on Lake Ginninderra, followed by cycling back around the east side of the Lake, up along the cycle path through UC, CIT, then down through OConnor and turning left to take the cycle path through to Dickson to the new ponds and stopping at Maccas Dickson for coffee. Returning the same way or back to near the Lyneham Ponds, then turning north through Lyneham, along Mouat St and up Ellenborough St paths to Kaleen, left on the main path and onto Ginninderra Drive path down to Melba. A  deviation is required around the north side of the UC campus or go down the steps past the University foundation stone. This route is 34.7Km

Route to UC, CIT, O’Connor, Dickson, Lyneham, Kaleen | GE GPS file | gpx file

Special Route – Lake Ginninderra to Holt (Visiting Old Holt Primary School Park)

This was devised by Harry Redfern. Ride around Lake Ginninderra taking the ramp near Black Pepper up to Luxton St, then through the underpass under Coulter Drive, along the path beside Southern Cross Drive, then using ad hoc dirt tracks until reaching the junction of Southern Cross &  Kingsford Smith Drives. Then its south on the western side of KS until Drake Brockman Drive is reached. Then its along the southern dirt side of DB, past the Pegasus School, back across DB, then down a rough path to near Harrys place, then straight to the old school site park. This is a nice location & an example of what a community can do when it wants to. Then its north down to Ginninderra Creek & back home along the creek as per other rides. The rough dirt & concrete path bits make it less than desirable for road bikes

Total distance is about 26Km if starting at Melba with the usual ride to Black Pepper or Ha Ha Bar

Map of Route to Holt Old School Park along Southern Cross, Kingsford Smith, Drake Brockman DrivesGE GPS file | gpx file