Canberra & Region Historical Information

Thu 23 June 2016 – Belconnen turned 50 on this date. The Belco50 committee held a small birthday ceremony at the Aranda District Playing Fields at the same place of the 1966 ceremony to begin the 50th anniversary celebrations for Belconnen. Many Belconnen residents attended the birthday ceremony from 10.30AM to 11.30AM Thursday 23rd June. The birthday ceremony began with a ‘Welcome to Country’ from Aunty Agnes Oshea, a small speech from BCC Chair Damien Haas & an official ‘Happy Birthday’ from Minister Chris Bourke (representing the Chief Minister). See the Belco50 facebook page

Canberra Tracks – ACT Govt Marked Tours of various Historic Sites – Track 6 covers Belconnen

Don Grubers History Talk on Ginninderra Area 15th Jan 2016

The Nineteen Counties – These were the limits of location in the colony of New South Wales; settlers were only permitted to take up land within these counties. The most south westerly county was Murray which western boundary was the Murrumbidgee and southern the Tinderry ranges

Information on Charnwood & Crowajingalong homestead sites  | Pictures from walk Jun 2011 | Pictures from walk Feb 2014

Hall 1:50000 Map Old Hall topographic map from 1960 covering Belconnen area. This is a scanned & stitched jpg file of 1Mbytes

Naming of Hall after Henry HallLink to information on Hall & District Progress Association site | More on Henry Hall of ‘Charnwood’Link to information on Hall & District Progress Association site

Palmerville Historic ParkPictures of a walk in Aug 2011 | Pics of walk 2017 | History of Palmerville from Canberra Archaeological SocietyOld NCDC SoS Extract

Glenburn & Burbong Historic Precincts in Kowen ForestPics of walk Sep 2017 | Glenburn Precinct Heritage Trails Brochure | Glenburn Historic Monograph 2007 (large doc) | 2013 Update

Ginninderra old District Sketch Map

Short history of Gungahlin by the Canberra Archaeological Society Mar 2010 This report gives a lot more information about the heritage places in the Gungahlin Treasures booklet. It also has lot about Palmerville & the general settlement policies of the 19th Century. Also see the Society’s main site

Aboriginal & European Encounters in the Canberra Region Honors Thesis by Steven Avery 1994

Rosebud Cottage Pictures from walk of Dec 2012 | Pictures from walk Oct 2010 | Old NCDC SoS Extract

Memorial Plaque to establishment of Belconnen from walk Dec 2011

Weetangera Historic Methodist CemeteryOld NCDC SoS Extract | Pictures from walk Nov 2010 | Pics from walk Jul 2014

Parkwood Methodist Church History | Pictures from our BBQ Excursion & Visit 13th June 2014

Strathnairn – The old homestead & other central facilities operate as an art facility with gallery, workshops and cafe. Open Thur through Sunday

Old Belconnen Farm-Homestead | Old NCDC SoS Extract

Misery Point & Misery Hill – MolongloPictures from walk Sep 2010  | Lynne Davis’ Notes re the Ghost of Misery Hill & Point

Gossan HillNCDC old SoS doc Extract | Pics from walk on Gossan Hill Jan 2015

Aboriginal Artefacts Site, Ginninderra Ck, West MacgregorSee Tracks information

Aboriginal Artefacts Site, North FordeSee Tracks information

Margaret Timpson Park Belconnen Town Centre – ACT Heritage Commission Document | ACT Govt info on the park | A sculpture “Tumbling Cubes” by Bert Flugelman has been placed near the arched park entrance at the north-west corner

18th June 2015 – (Thu) – 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo – Apparently James Ainslie (after whom Ainslie was named) was a veteran of the battle. According to information Ray Osmotherly gleaned from Ian Warden of the CT, James returned to Scotland in 1835 & ended his own life in a Scottish castle in 1844 by hanging himself after falling into bad ways. James is also remembered as the person who was held up bushranger John Tennant & then helped the police in his capture in 1828. Mt Tennent was named after John Tennant

22nd May 2014 – Woden Flood After reading our notes on the walk of this date which visited the Woden Flood Memorial Ron Thomson penned this email: “I was working in Woden in the Alexander Building on the night of the Woden flood, water was leaking thru into the building and the windows were bowing in on 6th floor where we were and we also helped out when the computer room in the basement started to flood. We could see all the lights flashing on the corner near where the windmill is now, we had no idea that people were in trouble but we knew there was flooding as we drove thru deep water along Hindmarsh Drive on the way home. The next morning we found out that people had drowned. We had two people at work drown, one was a young handicapped guy.  I had  to visit with the both families because I was the personnel officer and I had to sort out all the work affairs etc, not a nice task, I remember it very well.”
The Woden Flood caused the loss of seven young lives on 26th Jan 1971. The Memorial was launched on 26th Jan 2010 by Jon Stanhope to commemorate this event. On the night of 26th Jan 1971 a severe thunderstorm caused massive flooding in the Woden Valley resulting in three cars being swept off the road at this major intersection now occupied by the large roundabout. During the storm the road and drainage system could not cope and the water topped the culvert by around 1.5metres. Since then the whole area was reconstructed with the road system higher and large drainage channels built. Pictures of the memorial can be seen here. The site is located to the west of Melrose Drive near the large roundabout and just east of the junction of Dry & Service Sts, Curtin. Names of the 7 young persons who died: Carmel Smith (aged 10), Margaret Smith (aged 15), Michael Smith (aged 6), Jennifer Seymour (aged 12), Dianne Seymour (aged 8), Lon Victor Cumberland (aged 18), & Roderick Dumaresq Simon (aged 20). The last two worked in Ron’s department

Celebrating a capital century Canberrans in their thousands descended on Lake Burley Griffin on 11th March 2013 to mark a stirling century in the National Capital. Short film by Jim Trail ABC

Ray Nelson’s Great Great Grandfather was the Policeman at Collector Shot Dead by the Ben Hall Gang. Read a summary and details of that event

Tim the Yowie Man – You know the guy in the Canberra Times

Canberra in the 50s, 60s and 70s (some things change and some stay the same)

Dave Reids Site on the ACT. He is an amateur historian exploring the ACT regions history and heritage. His web log is a record of places he found and visited, things he knows of and has researched. Very useful data on Canberra’s history including maps

Early Canberra – History Web Site An interesting site undertaken by Ann Gugler to provide information on Canberra’s development

Glimpses of Early Canberra Another site by Ann Gugler

Hidden Canberra Another site by Ann Gugler but concentrating on the early construction camps, history of some of the early settlers, etc