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10 May 2020 – Phil Laird Family Tree – From Newsletter #524 – Research your family history. Feeling a bit bored by the current isolation rules? Have you ever wanted to keep track of your family tree but were put off by not knowing the details you needed? Well, there was an brief article in the May 2020 APC Magazine detailing how you can get started. I tried out what they recommended and found quite a lot of information about my grandfather – information that I had no idea about. The FamilySearch application is provided by the Mormons who have a giant electronic repository of genealogy information that you can access with Family Search.  Why not spend some time exploring your heritage….. here’s the information from the APC article.

Reconnect with your past in this exciting and revealing pursuit that was tailor-made for your PC.  The thrill of rediscovering your ancestors cannot be matched as you piece together their lives through documents, digging out old family photos and even making contact with distant cousins to share and uncover more insights. These days, most of that research can be done online, and if you know where to look you can make major inroads into developing and expanding your tree without spending hundreds of dollars on expensive subscriptions. The place to start is – this doesn’t simply provide a giant, shared tree of human existence, but it’s also a repository of information, including documents, photos and useful sources for further research via its wiki ( You’ll need somewhere to store all this information, and there are plenty of programs out there to lend a helping hand. If you do choose a paid-for subscription site like Ancestry, then it pays to choose a program designed to make it easy to extract information and digitised images of documents directly from the site into your research file. One free program that supports FamilySearch is RootsMagic Essentials, which you can download and install for free from – it’s a cut-down version of the main program (US$29.95 from, but all FamilySearch functionality is completely free.

Link to FamilySearch. The program is relatively simple to use and will be familiar to anyone who’s previously dabbled in genealogy – when creating a new document, leave ‘Begin typing my information’ selected before clicking OK. A blank tree will appear – click the button to add a person and enter your own information as the home person. From here you can add additional facts, attach photos and other information. When it comes to linking in information from FamilySearch, select ‘Tools > File Options’. Select FamilySearch, tick ‘Enable FamilySearch support’ and ‘Match person to FamilySearch when hints found’ and enter your login details. Now follow the step-by-step guide to link individuals to FamilySearch and download information from them into your tree in just a few clicks.

Yin Yoga – North Belco Uniting Church – Every Tue evening 7.30-8.30PM – Enjoy benefits of Yoga – Gentle stretching, fully qualified instructor, Judith, flexible commitments (no RSVPs), $5 per evening. These 1 hour classes are a great way to take time out & enjoy some gentle & invigorating floor exercises, set against some relaxing music or poetry. Arrive 10 minutes early if you can. No RSVP is needed & there is no commitment to long-term attendance. An enjoyable way to give yourself some breathing space in your busy week & develop your core strengths via safe, stressfree exercises for all levels of fitness. Bring a yoga or exercise mat, cushion & light blanket with you

The Green Bin Program is an initiative of the ACT Government to encourage and help residents dispose of their green waste. A one-off fee of $50 is payable at registration unless you hold these concession cards:

  • ACT Seniors/MyWay Card holders aged over 70
  • ACTION Gold Card
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Pension or Gold Card
  • Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card

To sign up click here

If you are over 70 and hold an ACT Seniors card you use your 9 digit Transport Canberra/Seniors card no to sign up for free.

If you have a problem please contact JJ Richards direct on 6270 5070.

Bulky Waste Collection

This changed in 2020 See here for the newsystem

List of Services and Businesses that offer Senior Card Holders Discounts

13 Oct 2017 – DVA Support for Mental Health Problems – Bob Salmond advised at the Shed meeting that a recent vets newsletter, announced that “….. current and former members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) are now able to access treatment for any mental health condition through DVA’s Non-Liability Health Care (NLHC) treatment arrangements. There is no need to prove the condition is related to their service. NLHC does not depend on lodging a compensation claim and is open to all current and former members of the ADF who have rendered at least one day of permanent or continuous full-time service. A formal diagnosis is not required to seek treatment under NLHC.” Check with Bob for full details of the article.

30th Jun 2017 – Securing IDs – One member advised us to look at securing our IDs & bank accounts. People can also get a free credit check one a year and also check with ID Care to secure their own ID data. Tel 1300 432 273.  Information on credit reports from The Office of the Aust Info Commissioner 

2nd Jun 2017 – John Edge’s Talk on the Australian Electricity Network & its Survivability. Find his article on a page under Activities June 2017

13 May 2016 – 10 Feb 2017Jon Beale, a UC grad ran exercise classes at the Shed. Link to his 19 pages of exercises

3rd Jun 2016 – Understanding your Pension, Fiona Fleming.

4th Jan 2016 – Are you getting your postage stamp concession. From this date the cost of an ordinary stamp will be $1. It will now really pay to benefit from the Govt’s concession scheme. Those with a Govt Health Card (incl Pensioners) and those on a Seniors Health Card (not the standard Seniors Card) are eligible to receive the concession stamp rate of 60c for regular letters &  Christmas cards within Australia. To avail oneself of this you must register with AusPost for a MyPost Concession Account. This will allow you to receive 5 free stamps and the ability to purchase 50 per year at the concession rate Full details Also note from 4th Jan 2016 there will be two speeds of service, Regular Service which will take up to 2 extra business days to deliver a letter, and Priority Service which will deliver letters to the current timetable. The Concession stamps only apply for the Regular Service. If you wish to get the Priority delivery you will need to buy a Priority label next to the concession stamp. Priority Labels costs $0.50 from Post Offices as usual.

Free Annual Pass to National Parks in NSW for Pensioners & Seniors Card holders are entitled to a discount of approx 20% on the full price of an annual pass for a vehicle in their name. An NPWS Exemption Card is available for individuals who hold a valid Pensioner Card or Veterans on an Extreme Disability Allowance, Int Rate & Special Rate pensions

1st Jan 2016 – Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal card for interstate seniors to Sydney Region. Details are online here From 1st Jan 2016 interstate seniors with a valid State based seniors card (incl ACT) can no longer purchase the daily Pensioner Excursion Ticket (PET). We can only apply for the Gold Senior/Pensioner Opal Card. From 31 Oct 2016 it became easier for ACT Pensioners/Seniors. We can apply online but must use our exact name and address as it registered with Transport Canberra (TC) ACT (Was ACTION) with our Seniors card & MyWay card. To apply this can all be now done online here | When the card arrives you can register on line & add funds to it. Pensioners can apply in a similar way to Seniors & online. Its a good idea for members to go into an Access Canberra shopfront & replace their current MyWay/Seniors card with an updated TC/Seniors card. You then need to ring 131710 & get any MyWay balance transferred to the new card. You should wait for at least a week after getting the new card before applying for an Opal card to allow the new card numbers to be registered with Transport for NSW.

7th Aug 2015 – Brian Wells requested members consider donating out of date old pharmaceuticals to send to places like Vietnam

Emergency Preparedness from the Red Cross – With the advent of spring storms and summer bushfires it is timely to remind ourselves of the need to be prepared. Disasters and emergencies happen when we least expect them ….  It contains advice and checklists. It is an update from previous advice See all the Emergency Management & Red Cross advice here

Farmers Markets These operate at EPIC in Mitchell on Sat mornings 8-11AM.

The End of the World as we Know It. Forget man-made threats – the catalyst for the apocalypse will come from outer space, warns astronomer Chris Impey. An article by Impey was published in the Weekend Australian Magazine of 3-4 July 2010. Now you can read the article in the UK Independent. In this article he describes how the sun will, as part of its life cycle, expand and eventually burn up the earth in about 7.5 Billion years. Unfortunately in 500 Million years or so the heat from the sun will be so hot that life on earth will become impossible

Reconciliation Information from Melba Shed Newsletters March to May 2013 (note this is a 1.2MB pdf file) This date was collected by Drew McDonald from the Share Our Pride Reconcilation Australia website. Drew’s Indigenous timeline in excel format.

Commonwealth War Graves Newsletter – You can elect to subscribe and get your own sent to you

Official Publications about Anzac Centenary Celebrations You can download the report that has been mentioned in the press lately

Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours Mat McLachlan’s Tour Company organises small or group tours of various battlefields locations where Australians have fought including the Western Front, Gallipoli, Vietnam, etc. Invaluable information on how to visit such places as the western front in WW1