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Shed Song

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After the singing of happy birthday to Keith Grieve on 3rd June 2011, Ted was most moved by the occasion and has penned as follows: I was very impressed with the singing of “Happy Birthday” last Friday it led me to think about having our own Melba Shed song to sing at some stage during our meetings. I have penned a very basic verse based on the tune and theme of “The Road to Gundagai” – mainly because it is easy to sing and everyone knows it.

I’m calling it “Until something better comes along” because I know there are some very competent poets in our group who will come up with some much better suggestions. We may finish up with several Melba Shed songs. Meanwhile here’s my effort (Editors note: “please someone save us!”)

Harry Redferns Poems

2020 by Harry Redfern – Harry’s Poem about the trial and tribulations in 2020

What Did Don Do? – Harry’s Poem Re Don Gruber On 8th June 2018 the meeting commenced with a minute’s silence to remember our founder Don, who sadly passed away on 3 June. Harry Redfern then read out the following poem that he had composed in Don’s honour.

Our Morning Ride by Harry Redfern

The Bullocky’s Dog by Harry Redfern

Move On  Poem by Harry Redfern to Lindy Hou

The Launch

On Ted Tregillgas having coffee with cyclers at Black Pepper 29th Jun 2015

John Arundel’s Fall June 2011 – John insists of course that this is all fabrication. The truth be told: he did not actually fall of his bike; but his pride was quite fractured!

Poem about Wally Blumenfeld by Harry Redfern

John Burrowes Poems

Anzac Day 2010 – Anzac Day

Orbost Trip Nov 2010 Poem Orbost or Bust

My Twilight

Other Poets

Ted Tregillgas’ GPS Poem

Peter Mitchell’s ditty on John’s fall

Peter Mitchell provided this ditty on “The Most Functional English Word”:- Shit

Peter has continued to excel with these further ditties: In The Beginning | Irish Speedos | When you’re from the country | Wine Merchant | Gay Wayne

Ted Tregillgas’s ditty on John’s fall

Jokes and Funny Things

A selection of funny jokes relayed at Shed meetings or through emails. Sometimes a broad mind might help!

Note: Melba Shed takes no responsibility for any of these

If you want to check if some things might be a hoax see here or try the Federal Government’s Scamwatch if you have any general fears

Annual Melba Shed Intelligence Test Thanks to Jimbo

Amazing Anagrams Thanks to Tezza for passing this on

The New Pledge of Allegiance Thanks to Tezza for passing this on and stating “By a 15 yr. old school kid who got an A+ for this entry

Humorous Bike Cleaning Thanks to Bill M

Catholic School Came through Tezza

The Importance of Walking Thanks to Power Lawrence

Petstar Einstein This bird says amazing things. Came through Tezza

Bear Counting in Canada This is quite funny! This video clip is great for animal lovers and young children — Momma Bear and her three very young cubs in the wild of northern Ontario, Canada. Humane wildlife experts taking a winter bear census right in the hibernation dens. You’ll love this, besides the cute precious 6 week old baby bears (eyes still closed) the guy (Rick Mercer) has some of the funniest lines. This is a special video of re tagging a mommy bear. Came through Tezza

Owed to Computer Spell Checkers Latest ditty from Jimbo

Summary of Life Came through Tezza

Bananas Came through Tezza

Flight 1549 Jan 2009 Hudson River Thanks to Peter Tilley

The View from Mt Everest: 360 degrees Thanks to Peter Tilley

Brain Study Came from Tezza

Check for Alzheimer Thanks to John Arundel

Rugby Rules OK Thanks to Harry Redfern

Drunk Driver True story from Australia Thanks to Harry Redfern

The Psychiatrist & The Proctologist Came through Tezza

On Parrots Another classic from Anonymous of Spence

Change Your Words {one minute clip} Thanks to Peter Mitch

Il Volo Clip Thanks to Bill M

Enjoy what you have Thanks to Terry

You cannot hide in a huge crowd (New Technology) THIS IS HOW THE POLICE CAN NOW IDENTIFY RIOTERS & TROUBLE MAKERS USING HIGH DEFINITION ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY. DON’T THINK OF HIDING YOURSELF AMONGST THOUSANDS…………….YOU CAN BE VERY EASILY DETECTED & IDENTIFIED. Using the same technology as Google Earth to track you. You can zero in on any one specific single face. The clarity is unbelievable.

In The Beginning Thanks to Peter Mitchel

Irish Speedos Thanks to Peter Mitchell

When you’re from the country Thanks to Peter Mitchell

Wine Merchant Thanks to Peter Mitchell

Gay Wayne Thanks to Peter Mitchell

The Deep The first part of this just looks like an awesome screen saver, but watch it & see what this girl does to that one shark near the end. Thanks to Peter Tilley

Shit – Peter Mitchell provided this ditty on “The Most Functional English Word”

Hans Klok and the “Divas of Magic” do 10 illusions in 5 minutes Thanks to Tezza

A dangerous mobile phone A spoof ( I hope!) on what bad people can do with cell phones

UK Police Officer, an Australian Police Officer and an American Police Officer

Jim’s Cigarette Joke

First Book of Government Not 100% sure what this means but its topically funny

One Word or Two Thanks to Tezza

Cycliste exceptionnel Thanks to Power Laurence. He should be giving Shed members lessons!

Short History of Italian Politics

Pink Curtains Thanks to Cherry from LL

A few Funnies from Anonymous of Spence

The Worlds Longest Password A blonde joke!

Someone’s view of marriage

Missing Files

Sunday morning music – four tenors AMAZING GRACE Sung by 4 Tenors. Quite stunning! Thanks Terry and JF

Fishing at it’s best Fishing at its best! U don’t need a fishin rod….U need a bloody helmet!

POPCORN (This will blow your mind). Check this out! This is probably what it does to our brain cells – like putting your head in a microwave . And we’re supposed to believe that cell phones are safe? Thanks Tezza

The UN had decreed that the US dollar is to be replaced by the Chinese Yuan. As they say: Sex sells!

John has thanked us for an enlightening 2010 and wishes us a happy 2011

The Digital Story of the Nativity As defined by Google’s ever increasing presence in our lives. Thanks to Ted, one of the band of email comics!

The Haircut! Thanks to Terry our prolific email comic!

Ted’s cartoon comment on a wireless world

Christmas choir Again thanks to Terry and his band of email comics!

Banner out the front of a pub “Husband Day Care Center” Thanks to Peter M