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2021-04-23 – Ramón Montero told us how proud he was to be a Shed member and how proud he was of his family. He told us that his grand-daughter, Helena, had on 20 April been awarded a Bachelor of Applied Science in Forensic Studies from the University of Canberra.

2021-04-20 Ramon's Granddaughter Graduates

2021-01-21 Our President’s wife Mrs Coralie Pearl Amos received the Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the General Division for services to the community through a range of roles.  Congratulations to Coralie from all of us in Melba Shed

Christmas 2020 – Message From Calum Reid

Bob (Email to Bob Salmond). When I left Australia I stayed with my brother in the ‘old home’ in Kyleakin, just on the Skye side of the bridge. I thought that I might be able to buy something and settle there. It turned out to be not possible. The railway terminates at the other side of the bridge, so transport is good, and therefore land is expensive.

During the war we became the naval mine laying base for the North Atlantic. It was called Trelawney. The German U-boats were patrolling this area of the Atlantic because there was a lot of sea traffic on this route from the US. The ‘Queens’ came across to Scotland loaded with troops, close to 20,000 at a time. MOD has always maintained a presence in our area, and are still there. That creates more demand for housing.

Calum Reid

Like Tasmania there is a lot of salmon fish farming in the lochs to the north of us. The Norwegians have a large company called ‘Marine Harvest’ and they have taken over many of the smaller fish farms. They have recently sent about £100 million setting up a food centre for the fish, and are now going do all the processing in this area also. This creates even more pressure on housing.

Clearly nobody cares whether I can get a place to live or not!!! As a result I had to go to Edinburgh. And it is also in demand – especially by the Scottish parliament and public servants. So accommodation is tight. Eventually I managed to buy an apartment in a reasonable area, at a price! My address is: 3/6 West Powburn, Edinburgh EH9 3EW. Tel: 0131 241 8907 – Malcolm Reid <>    I know a few old colleagues here, but I would prefer to be in Skye.

I have to do some modifications to the kitchen and the bathroom. I have completed the bathroom work, and about to tackle the kitchen. It is not a good time of year for this sort of work. Sorry to hear of Laurie’s passing. Have a good Christmas, and all the best for the New Year. Signed: Calum.

Aug 2019 – Bill Murray is back cycling so has recovered from his problems. 16th Jul 2019 – Breakfast from Bill – As a thank you for the Cyclists assistance when he had his heart attack, Bill shouted cyclists breakfast on Tues, 16 July at Black Pepper – 29th Jun 2019 – Bill Murray came home from hospital on this Saturday. He had a pacemaker inserted but has further surgery ahead to clear a small blockage that is in a very awkward position to operate on – 24th Jun 2019 (Mon) – The Cyclists presented Bill’s saviours (student nurse Marisa Agostino & member Ian de Plater) with a token of appreciation for providing CPR so quickly & professionally when Bill had his heart attack – 17th Jun 2019 – Bill Murray had a nasty incident during the Cyclists coffee break. Following Bill’s collapse, he was found to be in a very serious condition for several days. Further medical intervention may be required but Bill is going well now. Ambulances also attended very quickly & used a defibrillator with great effect

23rd Nov 2018 – 55th Wedding Anniversary – Congratulations to Adrian and Ingrid Shee who celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on 23 November

11 Nov 2016 – Canowindra Fish Fossils – Alex Ritchie advised us that the NSW Government has allocated some $300K to enable construction of a new building at the Age of Fishes Museum in Canowindra. This will enable housing of all the fossils stored in the Showground. It is believed that thew local council may also allocate another $300K to the task

Jun 2013 – Don GruberMessages from Don Gruber in USA

May 2013 – Stuart Allan Messages from Stuart’s trip from Papeete (Tahiti) to Fiji To track Stuart’s vessel Jac via the web see then go to the relevant chart

Harry Redfern Check out our popular and talented President Harry Redfern, spotted in fine form playing his Ukulele in his band on the weekend. Harry was spotted playing with his Tuggeranong Ukulele Group at the Canberra CountryMusic Festival held over three days. Well done Harry! We must get your group to the Shed one of these days and you can spread the joy around! You might just get a few recruits! Just quietly..check out those socks? More Pictures

15th May 2012 – The Northside Chronicle Our own President, Harry Redfern, again stars in the press. Harry is quoted on the front page as extoiling the virues of the the planting of some 200 shrubs provided by the Holt Community Park carers. Harry has been instrumental in naming and organising the management of the ‘Old Holt Primary School Park’ which uses the playground of the old school site that was closed in 2008. Well done Harry! Thanks to the Canberra Chronicle 15th May 2012 front page

Harry Redfern at Country Music Festival Nov 2012

3rd Aug 2012 our very own Tony Capeder, graced the social pages of the Swiss National Day reception at the Embassy of Switzerland recently, as reported in the Canberra Times ‘Times2’ section of the Canberra Times. Tony looked resplendent as he celebrates this happy occasion, where the Swiss national costume was also in evidence and the Swiss Choir sang the national anthem in the presence of the newly arrived Swiss Ambassador and his wife. Picture compliments of the Canberra Times

13th May 2012 – Phil Laird Recognised Our own Phil Laird, President of the YMCA Auxiliary, recognised for his service as he retires from the post. Thanks to Canberra Times Sunday 13th May 2012, page 28 in the National Volunteer Week supplement 2nd May 2012 – Our own James Grenfell writing to the Canberra Times again! On 2nd May he appeared in the Letters to the Editor complaining about the waste in appointing another ambassador to the Vatican in his usual unparallelled style. Good one Jim!

Tony Capeder at Swiss National Day reception  Embassy of Switzerland
Tony Capeder at Swiss National Day reception Embassy of Switzerland

16th Sep 2012 – Terry’s daughter Fran’s Tree House He returned from Melbourne last week. During his stay with his daughter Fran & family, there was a lightening flash, a clap of thunder and then an almightly bang. The attached file shows the result of that crash in the photos although you can’t really visualise the many broken tiles and shattered air-conditioning unit in these Chalk Urban Art Festival Italy 2012 Terry’s daughter Andrea (Andi) is an events organiser and has a passion for her annual “Chalk Urban Art Festival”, non-profit charity event. Andi is also an agent for artists and this year she took 2 artists to Italy to participate in an international pavement chart art competition. She also took a photographer to Italy to make a documentary of the occasion. You can see pictures on the link above and if you wish to follow Andi’s travels and thoughts click on the Travel Blog tab

24 March 2012: John and Pam got married! Wonder why we haven’t seen too much of John Burrowes this year? Well on 24 March he and Pam were married at All Saints Church in Braddon and celebrated afterwards at Olims Hotel. We wish John and Pam all the best for a long and happy time together. Look at some photos

John Burrowes announced at the Shed meeting of 29th July (from the Canberra Times of 23rd July) that Pam and he are engaged and plan to marry at the All Saints Church in Ainslie in March 2012. Congratulations to Pam and John. [PEMBERTON BURROWES “Karen and Barbara would just like to say, their mother, Pam, becomes engaged today. And Michael and Susie have said ‘hooray’,their father, John, has just made Pam’s day”. Karen and Barbara (nee Pemberton), and Michael and Susie (nee Burrowes), and their families,are very happy to announce that Pam and John have decided to get married. 23/07/2011 The Canberra Times]

Stuart Allan Melba Shed named in Parliament by Andrew Leigh. To those dedicated readers of Hansard would have noted that Stuart and the Melba Shed received a Parliamentary mention on 13 October by Andrew Leigh (Fraser, Australian Labor Party) who spoke at the Shed on 23 September. Andrew said in Parliament: ‘On 23 September I visited the Melba Men’s Shed. Members of men’s sheds come from all walks of life. The bond that unites them is that they are men with time on their hands and would like something meaningful to do with that time. Men after retirement often find that once the phone stops ringing and they are no longer called on to make decisions their social networks are not as extensive as that of women. There are many men’s sheds across Australia for which ‘first bloke’ Tim Matheson is a patron. They provide a place for men to meet and socialise. If you look inside one you might see a number of men restoring furniture or restoring bikes for a local school, and a few young men working with older men, learning new skills and maybe something about life. The Melba Men’s Shed has grown from six to 10 people, to 25 to 30 people. I would like to thank Stuart Allan the President of the Melba Men’s Shed.’

19th Jan 2020 – Farewell – Rev Tim Jensen. Tim has been a wonderful supporter of the Shed during the past eight years or so that he has been at North Belconnen Uniting Church, Melba. Now he is moving on to some new, very different challenges. He will be the “resident” Minister for Saltbush–Uniting the Scattered Community, which seeks to encourage and connect smaller Uniting Christian communities that do not have a resident Minister. Tim will be located near Lismore but his responsibilities will cover a massive area between Lismore, Armidale and out west of Bourke. He will work partly through gatherings in remote localities and partly through online means (Skype etc).  Tim said he had enjoyed his time at Melba. He highlighted the way in which tragedy, such as the current bushfires, can result in communities connecting more with each other. He also emphasised that it is OK for people to have different opinions and to express them but it is also necessary for everyone involved to be respectful of others’ views. The President expressed the Shed’s thanks for Tim’s support over the past 8 years & wished him well for his future endeavours. His last service was on 19 January.

Rev Tim Jensen