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2021-06-04 Items of Interest & Catching & Removing Snakes in the ACT

  • An interesting morning with two snake catchers and trackers, Associate Professor Dr Gavin Smith of the ANU School of Sociology and Mr Alex Borg, a forensic scientist, both specialising in the capture and tracking of snakes in the Canberra area. Gavin is the owner/operator of ACT Snake Removals (0450 210 090) and Alex is the owner/operator of Canberra Snake Catcher & together they catch some 400 snakes a year. Snakes are tracked by a small electronic tracker being inserted into the snake’s body through a simple process of administering an anaesthetic by placing the snake in a plastic tube with a section removed giving access to the snake’s body for insertion or removal of the tracker. The presentation finished with a demonstration of how to treat a snake bite. Essentially this involves keeping the patient immobilised & applying a pressure bandage (preferably with tension squares printed on it) commencing at the extremity of the affected limb (ie the fingers or toes) & continuing to the groin or shoulder as the case may be. More on ACTIVITIES 2021 page.
  • The President invited members to have their hearing checked by Anna from Hearing Australia on 18 June.
  • Steve Mawer told us about his cancer treatment and offered an HP printer with cartridges to anyone interested.
  • Peter Wilson offered Canon PIXMA cartridges to anyone interested.

2021-05-28 Items of Interest & Short Talks from this Meeting date

  • Peter Herbert talked about his recent heart attack. He woke up with a heart rate of 210, well above normal levels. He called an ambulance & was whizzed off to hospital which led to stent & bypass ops. Peter said that we all look after the maintenance of our cars but we neglect looking after our own health. He made the point that if we think we have a problem, then do something about it as we don’t know what’s just around the corner. Peter’s advice is to monitor our health, look after our diet, avoid sugar and salt, learn how to read food labels and how to take our blood pressure. He told us that 144 people per day suffer a heart attack & that only 25% survive.
  • Frank O’Rourke then spoke about Simpson and his Donkey – a stunning story of a Gallipoli icon. The story he told on how Simpson died is fascinating. More details on Activities 2015-2021 Page
  • Rick Causebrook’s talk was of seven natural wonders that the found on the web .Why not check them out too?
    #1 was the ‘Eye of the Sahara’, #2 were the ‘Moeraki Boulders’, #3 was the ‘Devils Tower’ in Wyoming, #4 was ‘Mount Roraima’, #5 was the ‘Angel Falls’, #6 is “The Great Blue Hole of Belize”, #7 was the “Cave of Crystals”.
  • Ramón Montero spoke about his early life in Chile before he migrated to Evatt. Ramón had joined the Police Force in Chile in the 1960s but realised that due to political unrest life would be much better in Australia. On returning to Chile for a visit 10 years ago he met and American and his wife. The wife was rude, arrogant and insulting to Ramon insisting she did not believe he was an Australian.

2021-05-21 Items of Interest from this Meeting date

  • Paul McCarthy talked about Barry Howe’s 80Km cycle ride for his 80th birthday. See Cycling page for details
  • Ray Osmotherly told about his recent anaphylactic experience after taking antibiotics, in preparation for a prostate biopsy
  • Bob Greeney spoke about flu and Covid injections and strongly made the point that the risks of not having the Covid injection far outweighed the risks of any reaction to the injection
  • Bob Greeney sought a volunteer to help with the Meccano sessions at Latham Primary on Wednesday mornings. If you can help out please phone Bob on 0407 737 131

2021-03-05 At this Meeting the President Roger Amos talked about decisions taken at the Shed Committee Meeting on 1 March and sought member’s agreement to the following two points:

  • 1. As there were only two nomination for the seven committee vacancies, the committee recommended that the existing committee continue until the next AGM.
  • 2. The AGM, normally held in November, be brought forward to August 2021.

Members agreed unanimously to both proposals.

2021-03-05 At this Meeting the President advised that from this weekend it is mandatory that we use theCheck in CBRmobile phone app to record our attendance at the meeting. This is an ACT Government COVID requirement.  If you don’t have the app on your phone you can download it using Google Play (for Android phones) or the Apps Store (for iPhones). If you don’t have a mobile phone you must request another Shed members with a phone to include your name on their login. Please note that for our Shed records, we ask that you also tick off your name on the Shed Attendance sheet kept with the name tags.

2021-02 26 At this Meeting Vice President Bob Greeney welcomed church visitors who had come to attend the CPR demonstration and particularly welcomed the newly arrived minister at North Belconnen Uniting Church, Rev Andrew Jago.

2021-01-21 President Called For Nominations for the positions on the next Shed Committee

Click on this line to download a nomination form

2 Jul 2020 – The Minimalist’s Strength Workout

Five exercises that will guarantee you have the strength to adventure all weekend, well into your eighties (From Pocket News Hits)

The Previous Shed UC exercises in a pdf file from Jon Beale’s time

29 Jun 2020 – Google collects a frightening amount of data about you. You can find and delete it nowGoogle will auto-delete data — for some users — but only after a year and a half. You can do better than that. We’ll show you how. (From Pocket News Hits)

9 Jun 2020 – How to take screenshots with Windows 10 Snip & Sketch.  To take a screenshot with Windows 10 Snip & Sketch, just press the Windows Icon on the keyboard plus SHIFT S and select the area you want to copy. You will get several options you can choose from the top of the window. From Phil. See Newsletter #528 12th June 2020

1 Jun 2020 – Hardening Your Home Router

This article came from an Acronis newsletter. With so many people working remotely, cybercriminals are aggressively attacking home networks. Securing your router, the gateway to your data, is highly recommended. See this article to get useful information to achieve this.

12 Mar 2020 – Security Issues with Melba Shed web site – Note it has been advised that a couple of users found issues trying to access Melba Shed. They used Norton’s Security software which advised them that was a dangerous page. Checking this out it appears that Norton’s shows Melba Shed with:- Computer Threats: 0; Identity Threats: 0; Annoyance factors: 0 – Total threats on this site: 0 Yet it still rates MelbaShed as dangerous. They have been asked to re-assess as the rating doesn’t make sense.  Google rates Melba Shed’s Safe Browsing site status as a Green tick and “No unsafe content found”

7 Feb 2020 – Arthritis Australia commenced exercise classes at the Shed. The starting date had been delayed until Friday 7 February because some of the Arthritis Australia staff involved have been directly affected by the recent bushfires. The cost is $10.00 per session for attendees. Before starting the exercises you need to fill out two forms which can be downloaded here. Photos of some of the activities from the 1st session on 7th Feb 2020.

Exercises were suspended after 20 Mar 2020 due to Corona Virus assembly restrictions

Previously 11th Oct 2019 Exercise Classes – Tori finished her stint (3rd May – 11th Oct) with us as leader of the Exercise Group. The last class were held on Friday 11 Oct as Tori Montgomery-Martin from UC started a new job.  Tori ran these further exercise classes, similar to the ones provided in March 2016 by Jon Beale. Each session, cost $5. It continued every Friday before the Shed Meeting. The previous Excercises in a pdf file format from June 2016 – Tori has had an expression of interest from Arthritis ACT in regard to taking over the group class. Their physiologist Sophie Bullock could do the job although they would charge us $10 a session each. Pictures of Toris’ last exercise class. After Sophie’ talk on 6th Dec Roger has announced that we will consider starting Exercise Sessions with Arthritis ACT in Jan 2020 for $10 a person per session, later updated to 7th Feb start.

Shed Notices

Shed Etiquette – See here

13 Sep 2019 – Deposits on cans, bottles etc. Ted Kell proposed a scheme to assist Shed finances in June. It involves members bringing along used bottles & cans which are subject to the 10 cent deposit scheme (beer and soft drink containers, including things such as Yakult, but not wine bottles). They can be left in the blue basket in the store room and Ted will take them to the recycling centre and deposit the receipts into the Shed’s funds. So bring in any bottles, cans etc that have had a 10c deposit paid on them and Ted will take them in to the recycling centre. Alternatively, you can take them into the container return centre yourself. To have the refunds paid into the Shed’s accounts they should be deposited using Ted’s mobile number, which is linked to the Shed’s bank account (0438 481 350).

12th April 2019 – Amy Nussio who presented at the Shed on 22 March 2019 on ‘Driving in Later Life’ has asked that Members be reminded about the research opportunity ‘Living with Dementia and Driving Study’ details of which are on Page 3 of Newsletter #471 of 26th April. If you are interested, Amy will be happy to meet personally with any Member wanting in finding out more about this opportunity. Contact her on 0457 779 766 on any Mon or Tue and on alt Weds.

1 Mar 2019 – Shed DVDs – A couple of hundred DVDs are in the Shed’s DVD library in the store room (thanks to David Ruthven). You can borrow any DVD but please remember to return it once you have watched it. Also, anyone who has DVDs they no longer want could add them to the library.

17th Sep 2018 – Accessing and Using NSW SIX Maps and Other Options

Brian Wells still collects second hand glasses. He is also from Sep 2019 collecting Hearing Aids (ie spectacles) & cases from members who no longer can use theirs  as well as out of date medications and passes them onto less advantaged countries. he does this by taking the items to Sister Kim at the Bonner location of the Congregation of Mary Queen of Peace where they are sent to those in need in Vietnam. See under Shed Activities > TAB >Activities 2021-2015 > then heading 

24th Aug 2018 – David Ruthven has a 10’ by 5’ trailer, which he is willing to loan to anyone who needs something bigger than the standard trailer to move furniture etc. Contact David is 0487 222 585

Viewing Shed Google Photos Albums – The Pictures TAB at the top of the web site will take you to an archive site for Picasa which will still show any albums uploaded from Picasa desktop in some strange order. Click on this for more info on Using & Managing Google Photos

Living Items for Shed Members (ie Pension Issues, Passes, Discounts, Health, etc)

Council on the Ageing (COTA) for information on getting Seniors discounts, Seniors cards, etc

ACT Seniors Card Discount Directory

Feb 2020 – Living with Dementia and Driving – Uni QLD

25th Sep 2019 – Upgrading a Laptop with an SSD Drive

8th Mar 2019 –  Free Movie Tickets for DVA Gold Card Holders. Adrian Shee advised us that Dendy Canberra gave him a free movie pass as he had a Gold Card. An internet search found that Hoyts, Dendy & Greater Union all offer DVA Gold Card holders one free pass per day, conditions apply. Hoyts excludes after 6PM or School or Public Holidays

6th Dec 2018 – Dog Walks in Canberra – Do you own a dog and are looking for great dog-walking track guides for our city? Why not click on the this link, where the site contain terrific information and maps about numerous walks around Canberra that are suitable for dogs. It also provides great links and information about all major issues relating to owning dogs in Canberra e.g. dog accommodation, training, welfare etc. This link was the basis of the recent walk around Yarralumla 

30th Jun 2017 – Securing IDs – One member advised us to look at securing our IDs & bank accounts. People can also get a free credit check one a year and also check with ID Care to secure their own ID data. Tel 1300 432 273. Also info from The Office of the Aust Info Commissioner 

Member & Friends Information

Yin Yoga – North Belco Uniting Church – Every Tue evening 7.30-8.30PM – Enjoy benefits of Yoga – Gentle stretching, fully qualified instructor, Judith, flexible commitments (no RSVPs), $5 per evening. These 1 hour classes are a great way to take time out & enjoy some gentle & invigorating floor exercises, set against some relaxing music or poetry. Arrive 10 minutes early if you can. No RSVP is needed & there is no commitment to long-term attendance. An enjoyable way to give yourself some breathing space in your busy week & develop your core strengths via safe, stressfree exercises for all levels of fitness. Bring a yoga or exercise mat, cushion & light blanket with you

Health Items of Interest to the Shed

Items or Services for Sale