Non Tradesmen Services Used by Shed Members and Friends ie Travel, First Aid Courses, Books


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FunctionBusiness NameNamePhoneAddressExperience
BooksThe Book DepositoryBook DepositoryBill recommends for cheap books. Free worlwide delivery from UK
Book SearchingAbeBooksAbe BooksLifeline uses to search for availability and pricing on books worldwide
First Aid CoursesRed Cross1300 367 428Held at Garran near Red Cross
Melba Shed did this two day course for $135 concession in first part of 2010 and its recommended
TravelTravelZooTravel ZooWally has used and likes. They provide a weekly email of the top 20 travel deals
Travel CruisesCruise 1st Australia1800 427 441Cruise 1stWally has used and likes.
Travel JapanWasabi DesignsShuji email: shujiwabisabi@gmail.comHighly recommended by Brian & Anne Taylor. Does small group tours